Layout Progress

I realize progress on the layout has been slow as of late; trust me, it’s been frustrating, but priority mean that family concerns MUST come first. On the bright side, Wednesday evening saw a LOT of progress made on the construction of the 3 remaining train tables. As of right now, I have all the […]

Holy Cow! He wasn’t kidding about the trains…

Believe it or not (no, you can actually believe it), I finally managed to get the first table for the model trains built. Not perfectly, mind you, and I have made a decision to make one final adjustment on this one, but considering I haven’t done anything like this in 5 years, I’m pleased with […]

Train Table Construction – Part 1: Design (Drop Frame)

While working through material costs and considerations, two points kept crossing my mind. One was the point that Earl Hamil raised to me about the height of the tables the other day. I realized that he was right: a 4 foot height actually made the most sense. So I adjusted all of the table legs […]

Train Table Construction – Part 1: Design (Revision)

A quick bit of thank to Earl Hamil who suggested I make the legs taller on the table to get them to a 48 inch height. After looking at the design, I opted to go from 34 to 44. The reason for not going all the way to 48 is that I intend to have […]

Train Table Construction – Part 1: Design

Well, after a lot of work over the past month on designing a track plan that would work, and not have my wife ready to strangle me (as much), I finally settled on what I am doing, and with that completed, I could set down and design tables that’ll support it. As I only have […]