Common Concepts of Programming Part 5 – Loops and Repetition

Introduction During the prior article, we looked at the basics of using logic to control the flow of our program. The logic involved testing for certain values in variables, and executing different blocks of code based on the outcome of those tests. This is valuable, to be sure; but what are we to do if […]

Common Concepts of Programming Part 4 – Conditions

Introduction In this segment of the introduction to programming concepts, you’ll learn about the basics of some additional common programming elements by adding in some conditions. When this section is done, you’ll be ready to start discussing more significant programming concepts, and will be able to handle the solid fundamental lessons, building some simple programs […]

Common Concepts of Programming Part 3 – Structure

Introduction In this article, we’ll examine the anatomy of a C Sharp program in a bit of detail, and relate in some of the concepts we’ve discussed prior to this. A Basic Application If you recall the prior application we wrote, our “Hello, world” application, we had a bunch of lines of code that were […]

Common Concepts of Programming Part 2 – Data Types

Introduction In the prior article, I introduced you to some common concepts and terms in programming. In this article, I’m going to expand on that a bit further. You’ll learn about data types and their affect on functions and methods. What is a Data Type? Simply put, a data type is an indicator of what […]

Common Concepts of Programming Part 1 – Terminology

Introduction I’ll be forthcoming on this; programming draws a lot from mathematics. And while that may sound scary for some people, the truth is that most of it is no more complicated than the simple math that makes up daily life. For the average program, the math gets to nothing more than Algebra. If you […]