Review: LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones

I really meant to write this review a few months back, but I got sidetracked by more important things and couldn’t get back to it before now. Fortunately, I have the time that I didn’t have before, so I can do this now. Back in the beginning of September, just as I started to get […]

reMarkable Day 15

Two weeks ago I started using my new reMarkable e-Ink tablet as a replacement to carrying around a lot of disorganized notes on yellow legal pads. Today, day 15, I can now say I am glad I invested in this tool. It still remains to be seen how this plays on in a real long-term […]

reMarkable Day 1

So I finally made the decision to purchase and try out the reMarkable e-Ink tablet. A lot of people who know me can attest that one of my biggest nightmares is trying to stay organized, especially when I have a lot of stuff flying at me. I’ve always had that trouble, going all the way […]