Why has there been no more activity, again?

I’ll be straight forward in answering that question. There, are, however, a few answers to this. Answer 1 A lot changed in the past 90 days. First, the big news: we’re expecting a new family member, due December of this year. That’s right, Kelly is pregnant, and so I get to become a dad, again… […]

A Non-train Post

If I seem bit obsessive lately with the whole train thing, lately…. well, you don’t know me very well, do you? At any rate, I figured it was time to talk about something else, even if only for a post. So what’s been going on? Well, there is a lot as of late. My son […]

Working on Health

My wife decided on a fantastic gift for me for our anniversary. This isn’t really a new thing; she always does fantastic things for me when it comes to gifts. I never got something from her that wasn’t absolutely fantastic. This year was no exception; and in fact, it may be one of the best […]

A Portrait of Dexter

I’ve known my wife since my 3rd year of college. At the time, she was studying for an Arts Administration degree, a Bachelor’s from SUNY Fredonia. It’s a degree that combines fine arts skills and knowledge with business skills so that a person is well versed on the fundamentals of handling administration of art related […]

Working on My Health

So I have to admit some of what’s been going on lately has been me working on a VERY personal battle to repair my health. For the past 20 years, basically since starting into I.T., I have been working hard to build up my knowledge, build up a reputation, and be in a position to […]