If you’re visiting this site, I think you can figure out what my name is. I am a jack-of-all-trades sort-of guy who makes his living as a software engineer. I do a fair amount of system / back-end development and handle front-end projects from time-to-time. After 20+ years in the field, I would say I’m a pretty seasoned developer, but I’ve definitely come to the understanding that there will always be far more to learn.

My first real experiences in programming were doing websites and web applications, and I moved into some more back-end solutions as time went on. I am also fairly well versed in various multimedia skills; video editing, visual effects, 3D modeling, animation, and more. However, one of the things I also learned after all this time was how much I needed to get to doing things that get me away from the computer. So this site is (in some ironic sense) a documentary of me doing just that.

I live in a suburb of Buffalo, NY with my wife and two wonderful children, two neurotic Siberian Huskies (that’s actually a redundancy, but I needed to be clear), and a fish named Klaus Heissler.

In addition to computer work, I am very much into trains of all types (model railroading, live steam, seeing the real thing, etc). I do woodworking as time and budget allow and have recently started delving into more and more things in the kitchen.

I am putting an effort (struggling) to get into shape, which is probably the hardest thing to do, but I am determined to drop some weight and at least be moderately healthy.

What will follow on this site is documentation of my various endeavors, mostly away from I.T., though I will probably have some of that up here as well. What this is not (mostly) is a business site. I may have some advertising on it to monetize my content, but by-and-large I intend to leave this as a personal project for fun.

If you’d like to contact me, I will eventually provide a way for you to do so, but I am being very cautious about that as I only really want reasonably positive contact. So if you’re a telemarketer or some sort of scam artist, go away, get a life, try doing something of value with yourself. I have no need for B.S. in my life or the lives of my family. We’ve been through enough of that over the years and we frankly would like to enjoy life just a bit.