Introductory Note and Disclaimer

The following is an evolving project I’m doing for self-education. The code shared here is intended for educational purposes. There are no warranties or guarantees, express or implied, for the code to be used for “production” purposes. This is strictly a demonstration and learning project.

You are free to use this code for your own purposes at-will, but assume all responsibility for its implementation in your own projects. In short, if you use it in a project and charge money or deploy it for production use, you assume all liability for any and all issues that arise.


The current application is on version 1.00.0000. I realize that normally a pre-release application or alpha build would have a major version number of 0.xx.xxxx, but as this is not intended to fulfill any production application needs, I’m bucking that convention a bit.

I will provide details and a breakdown on this application and it’s functionality in the near future, but I will need a bit of time before I can type all of that up. In the meantime, you can download the ZIP file for the current version of the application, build it and run it. You need to have at least Visual Studio 2019 community edition to do this. The application is written using .NET Framework 4.7.2, but in theory should work with any .NET from 4.5 up, at least. It should also work with version 5.0 and beyond, but I have not as of yet tested it there.

The application does use SeriLog and writes out a rolling text file in the application’s BIN/DEBUG folder. Also, note that the COM.GREGAWARSKI.SamplePlugin build events automatically places a copy of the sample plugin as a DLL into the plugin directory of the main application build.

When you run the application after a full rebuild, look in the “Tools > Plugins” menu and you should see an option for “Sample Plugin”. This plugin will generate a new form. Enter a value in the text input and click the “Execute” button. The new form closes and the information you put in will appear in a status bar at the bottom of the main window. More documentation will follow about this soon.

If you’d like to build some separate DLLs for yourself, You can just duplicate the COM.GREGAWARSKI.SamplePlugin project and test it out.

I will post detailed screenshots of the application running ASAP, but again, I have a bunch of things going on, so you’ll need to be patient with this on.

Current version: 1.00.0000