If you didn’t know it, I actually have an issue that is called psycho-physiological insomnia. I’m not sure if that’s actually the proper name for the issue, but it’s the one I’ve heard, and it makes a reasonable degree of sense to call it that when you hear the description. The general result of this disorder is that you can’t fall asleep because your brain won’t stop worrying about how you need to fall asleep, but still have to make sure you get up when you need to.

It’s hits in phases and bouts, and the unfortunate thing is that there’s really not much in the way of treatment for it. Melatonin often just breaks down too fast, and other sleep aides might have no effect or too strong an effect.

The plus side of it is that, at times, it can let you finish a project that has otherwise been a struggle to get through. Case in point, I kept thinking it would be a week or two to get the track laid out on my layout. Instead, a few days of stress from projects at work and a few nights of struggling to fall asleep for the same reason left me able to get through the initial process of laying all of the track from my plan. Here are the photos of that progress.

The next part will be laying out and planning for the wiring of blocks and the bus line to power everything. This will probably be one of the trickier parts for the foreseeable future, as getting all of this right will be the foundation to doing the next step: scenery. So there is progress. There will be more. But for now, this is a big accomplishment for me, and will probably help me to sleep a bit, since my hobby can bleed of stress at times (sometimes it causes me stress, but mostly because I get so into it, so setbacks are frustrating). At any rate, here are the shots of the progress I’ve made; the completion of my initial track plan.