I realize progress on the layout has been slow as of late; trust me, it’s been frustrating, but priority mean that family concerns MUST come first. On the bright side, Wednesday evening saw a LOT of progress made on the construction of the 3 remaining train tables.

As of right now, I have all the legs cut, I have the cross braces for the 2 1/2 foot wide tables cut, all of the leg braces cut, the supporting rail for the drop frame cut, and I even managed to cut the 12 corner / leg-attachment braces, glue and fasten them, and drill out the bolt holes. I even managed to get the tops cut for the two big tables (though due to a bit of a mistake, I am actually making the tables 29 1/2 inches wide instead of the original 30. It’s a minor mistake, but certainly not one I’m going to loose sleep over.

In other news, the last box of track for the foreseeable future arrived today, and I should have most of my wiring supplies in between this week and next. So this weekend should see the tables completed, and possibly all the laid out. It won’t be fastened down, and wiring will probably be a few days of effort, but this will be the first time, ever, that I have a permanent or semi-finalized track plan laid out.

I’ll try to post up some photos at the end of the week to show where things are.