So today, I had a package come in that truly starts the building process. The first load of Kato Unitrack that I am adding to my new layout. I unloaded and placed everything up on my initial table, and minus 1 additional piece I ordered (an uncoupler, since I couldn’t find my previous one), I have all of my straight and curve sections now in.

The next package, due to arrive by the beginning of next week, will contain additional turnouts (I believe 7), the uncoupler and a couple of packages of insulated Unijoiners. I have to say, since I first started using Unitrack, years ago, opening a shipment of this stuff feels like Christmas. I imagine my wife will be thrilled (heavy sarcasm). But then, she’ll never wonder where I am. If I’m not at work, she can just check the basement… if I’m not here, then I’m likely in the garage.

In addition to the shipments from M.B. Klein (, I have a package of ACS712 circuits coming in soon for some prototype / testing work. I’m planning on having working signals, but at this stage I’m planning on building my signals system from scratch. For those of you not versed in electronics, the ACS712 is a nifty little current sensing circuit that, when paired with an Arduino, can be used to detect current draw and trigger all sorts of outputs. This will let me track if a train is in a particular area, and illuminate, say, crossing gates.

So I’ve got some tables I need to get built, because if my wife keeps seeing track showing up and nothing happening in the basement, she might think I’m not actually putting this stuff to use. Busy, busy days ahead…