I’ve been pretty busy for the past weekend. I didn’t get to quite as much as I hoped to, but such is life. Still, I’m not going to complain, because a lot of people are far worse off than me.

As for my lack of updates, here’s what’s going on. My wife has had some… health issues… and taking care of that was the top priority. While there are still issues to be resolved, I’m hopeful that the answers she is starting to get will help her out in the end. It’s always a challenge for her – not because she does anything to purposely make herself unhealthy. She has a few health issues that came from straight-up biology, so she has to make an extra effort to take care of herself, and she’s often put aside her own concerns to take care of the children, friends… and me.

So it’s no surprise that sometimes it really can take a toll on her. But one of the things I admire most about my wife is that she pushes on, endures… and works to conquer challenges. She has already started on another art piece, and I’m hoping to keep her encouraged to work on it more.

And of course, I am grateful that she is still working with me to encourage better living as well. I face some health challenges of my own, though mine were caused by my own stupidity over the years. I’m fortunate that she works to keep me on the right path now, a bit late though it was in getting here. That’s on me, and no one else.

Anyhow, it’s not like I didn’t get ANYTHING done. No, I have managed to get my first train table started this past weekend with Eli’s help. I’m hoping to finish it up at the end of this week and at least have some track temporarily on it while I work to save up for part 2, which will consist of two more tables, purchasing track, and eventually, the final table, which has that additional feature for some scenery I will do.

Once I am finished with table 1, I will post up pictures from the build and maybe a quick video about the results. It’s been a learning experience, but thankfully I have a lot of help from a great son.

That’s the update for now. Stay tuned and check back often!