Well, after a lot of work over the past month on designing a track plan that would work, and not have my wife ready to strangle me (as much), I finally settled on what I am doing, and with that completed, I could set down and design tables that’ll support it. As I only have about 1/4 of the track I need at this stage, I am building the tables in phases. The first thing I needed to do was take the desired dimensions and produce a plan.

Table one is 3 foot deep and 6 foot wide. All of the legs will be 34 inches long, so with the top and leveling hardware, the tables should be approximately 35 – 36 inches in height when set on the floor. I didn’t bother designing in the supports, just because that was too much time for too little a detail. Basically it’s:

Likewise, I didn’t draw out the individual screw holes, but after my experiences with building my work benches, I will be using #2 construction screws and drilling out and counter sinking all the holes, so I can later mount fascia boards for a cleaner appearance. The legs will be attached using bolts and washers, so in the event that we are to move, I can remove a few key pieces of track that jump tables, remove any buildings, pull the legs off and everything can make it out of the basement with a fair amount of ease.

Tables will join with a pair or quartet of bolts with washers. Fascia won’t be mounted for a while, as I need to do scenics before I can get to that stage, but at least it’ll be prepared for when I get there.

So here is the draft design of the 3 x 6 table. The other 3 will be similar, except they’ll be 2.5 x 6 instead. This should give you the idea.

My goal is to get this built and into the basement by Saturday, so I can at least run some stuff, and maybe do a bit of cleaning of track that’s sat in storage for the last few years. More to follow!