So the ads are back. I’m not really sure why they disappeared and reappeared this way, but I am also not going to bother asking any more questions, I am just going to be glad that whatever the culprit was, it’s not anymore.

So with that said, I’m not going to tell you to click with wild abandon. I am going to ask that you visit frequently, as impressions and views count, too, it just takes more; like a few thousand visits a month turn into revenue as well. But if you DO see something that really seems interesting, I urge you to visit from the ads on my site, as legitimate clicks will definitely help me out. The more action I get on here, the more I can justify doing on the site and the more I can actually handle in putting together new content.

Oh, and to anyone who happened to give feedback on my latest design for the WSVRR, I greatly appreciate it. It was uniformly positive, so the anti-racetrack crowd seems to think I should get plenty of operational value, and the pro-racetrack crowd seems to think I’ll be able to have some nice trains running through some nice scenery. Some family members are (apparently) excited to see that they will have their name immortalized (I guess) on my layout. So yes, Tiffany, one of the names you hope to see may appear on there. It might only be on a billboard, but that still counts.

I, myself, see this taking a while, because the track costs alone are going to be a decent chunk of money, and my family has it’s goal of buying a home.

Still, there’s progress, right? That’s what counts. That’s kind of it for now. Not really an update in the general sense, but it is new content, so make sure you check back regularly – which means, not just when I make a post about it on Facebook. If you’re prompted, too, remember to sign up for announcements and notices. I hope to make a bit more use of that, soon.