Holy Cow! He wasn’t kidding about the trains…

Believe it or not (no, you can actually believe it), I finally managed to get the first table for the model trains built. Not perfectly, mind you, and I have made a decision to make one final adjustment on this one, but considering I haven’t done anything like this in 5 years, I’m pleased with […]

Where The Heck Have You Been?

I’ve been pretty busy for the past weekend. I didn’t get to quite as much as I hoped to, but such is life. Still, I’m not going to complain, because a lot of people are far worse off than me. As for my lack of updates, here’s what’s going on. My wife has had some… […]

Train Table Construction – Part 1: Design (Drop Frame)

While working through material costs and considerations, two points kept crossing my mind. One was the point that Earl Hamil raised to me about the height of the tables the other day. I realized that he was right: a 4 foot height actually made the most sense. So I adjusted all of the table legs […]

Train Table Construction – Part 1: Design (Revision)

A quick bit of thank to Earl Hamil who suggested I make the legs taller on the table to get them to a 48 inch height. After looking at the design, I opted to go from 34 to 44. The reason for not going all the way to 48 is that I intend to have […]

Train Table Construction – Part 1: Design

Well, after a lot of work over the past month on designing a track plan that would work, and not have my wife ready to strangle me (as much), I finally settled on what I am doing, and with that completed, I could set down and design tables that’ll support it. As I only have […]

A Portrait of Dexter

I’ve known my wife since my 3rd year of college. At the time, she was studying for an Arts Administration degree, a Bachelor’s from SUNY Fredonia. It’s a degree that combines fine arts skills and knowledge with business skills so that a person is well versed on the fundamentals of handling administration of art related […]

Gardening Hydroponically

OK, I’m not sure if hydroponically is actually a word, but given that I’m not getting a spelling error from a proofreading application, I’m guessing it is. So to start off, I will state that I am no green thumb. I mean, I have successfully grown plants in the past. When I was younger (maybe […]

A Quick Note (My Train Thing)

I wrote a separate page that tells the story of my major N-Scale project, the history, trials, tribulations and insights. The story starts at the link below, and as it grows, I will add more on in time. My Train Thing…

I Guess I Spoke Too Soon

So the ads are back. I’m not really sure why they disappeared and reappeared this way, but I am also not going to bother asking any more questions, I am just going to be glad that whatever the culprit was, it’s not anymore. So with that said, I’m not going to tell you to click […]

Yay! Post 50 – And I’m done with this design thing

Ok, so very quickly, I’ve reached post 50 – that’s something of an accomplishment for me as I’ve actually not managed to stick to a plan on this stuff in years. At any rate, I have 50 posts up and hopefully I can have more meaningful stuff in the future. Finally, I’ve finish what is […]

Working on My Health

So I have to admit some of what’s been going on lately has been me working on a VERY personal battle to repair my health. For the past 20 years, basically since starting into I.T., I have been working hard to build up my knowledge, build up a reputation, and be in a position to […]

You know what’s annoying?

Google AdSense. This morning at 2:00 AM, when I couldn’t sleep, I thought, “hey, what the heck, I’m going to look at the front of my site and see if any ads are showing up. Probably not, but I can’t sleep so…” And I go to the site and LO AND BEHOLD, THERE ARE ADS! […]