In spite of a hectic schedule, last week was quite productive. I mean that, relative to the previous few weeks.


Eli’s softball season wrapped up. Sadly, his team didn’t make the final game, but for all that, he came away with solid hits every single game he played, and he only struck out at home once during the entire season. Every other time he either was walked or, more commonly, he got at least a single with an RBI. Several times he ended up with doubles for multiple RBIs, and made it home a number of times himself.

He’s also managed to contribute a number of plays in the field, including at least two outs at home when playing as catcher and a few nice plays in the outfield (including picking off a power hitter’s long shot to left field).

Friday we picked up some particle board for a few shop projects and then, amazingly, we got through one on Saturday. One of our work tables is now complete and hopefully I’ll get a second one done this week with Caidi’s help.

Eli’s off to camp for a week, so hopefully he has a great time with that!


Of course, you all already know about her fantastic job on the loaf of bread last week. This week will give her and Kelly a chance to work on some other baking projects and perhaps a shop project or two with me.


I’m going to try to get Kelly to sit down with me this up coming week and put some effort into getting her website up and running. It’s been a back-burner project for way to long to get her artwork out there, so I really want to stop delaying this. Frankly, I’m looking forward to her finishing her long awaited portrait of Dexter (the male Husky).

After that, she’s got a baking project lined up with Caidi and hopefully some more art, because frankly, I want to see even more of what she can do, and I’m sure everyone else does, too.

Shop Projects

As I said before, Eli and I got one of our work tables done and this week I’m going to try to get number two up with Caidi’s help. After that, it’s onto the miter saw table and then finally working on the actual tables for the model trains. Fortunately, having the first work table done is starting to make this easier, because now I have a place to actually do some of the cutting work that doesn’t involve needing to kneel on the floor (that gets old REALLY quickly).

Train Layout

I’ve lost track of the number of design revisions / changes / restarts I’ve gone through in the past week. Seriously, it’s been a bit nuts, but as I would get feedback on a design I’d work on revising my ideas to address some great advice. I’m not sure if I’m fully on the right path with it, but hey, that’s half of the fun to this – an evolution of a design for a layout.

Thank you to everyone who offered input on that.

Site Design Update

I’ll get to it. I just haven’t yet. Much like the layout plans, this is just something that takes time and requires thinking and rethinking the layout. But again, that’s part of the fun.