Big thank you to Jørgen Tefke Kai from the Facebook group N Scale Model Trains World for some guidance on my idea for a double deck layout with a helix at one end and reversing loops. This gives me the ability to have continuous running trains, but still have that nice yard, industries spurs and a station for passenger service that won’t foul the mainline.

Mind you, this is only my template design and doesn’t include any of the accessory track, but after this stage, plugging in the add on segments won’t be that much of a challenge. Better, still, if I want to, I can later expand to a third deck and just tweak the Helix approach to allow for it.

Since this layout will be DCC controlled, the reversing loops can be handled by Digitrax AR-1s and nothing else needs to be a concern. Here are some quick renders for the ideas…

Left to right are the general template, lower deck and helix, and upper deck. Distance change from deck to deck is current 8 inches, which leaves a 2.25 – 2.5 % grade.

Thanks again for everyone’s feedback!