I think we all know the feeling – in some ways, the weeks tend to drag by… in other ways, you blink and one’s over. That’s what it feels like all the time, lately. Still, another week passes by and while I never quite feel like I got through everything I wanted to, a bit of progress is always something to feel good about.

Caidi’s Bread Project

I think, without a doubt, this was the best thing. Caidence did her first loaf of bread from scratch and it was FAN-TAS-TIC! Needless to say, I think our young lady has the skill to do a lot with this in the future, so I hope she keeps it up! Well done, Caidi.

Shop Project Update

I didn’t get to actually do any work this past week, but I will be bringing in my MDF this upcoming Friday after work so I can get the tables set up and then work on the train tables.

I was also asked to make a couple of small things for family, so the work load is increasing, meaning I have to get this stuff done. That’s OK, though – I’ve been wanting to make things for people for a while.

Model Trains

So, yeah, as I said, I get in the MDF and I get my tables build. I redesigned the stuff I’m going to put together and build the tables on 2×4 frames. It’ll increase my material cost some, but by God that’ll mean sturdy tables.

Advertising Revenue

So I had a pretty good start with the advertising on the site the first two weeks… and then, strangely, my ads disappeared. The reason is that I need to be getting more traffic to the site. That, in turn, means I need to get more content out. So As some of my projects are churning out, I’ll be posting them exclusively to here and just posting the occasional note about it on Facebook to bring that traffic over.

But please, stop by regularly for updates, either way, and please, share with friends. Additional hits to the site means a better chance for earning the ad revenue I want to see coming in!