I’m sure you’ve noticed it in the past 48 hours or so. Stuff has been moving around a bit on here. Some blocks of content have changed around a bit. My ads have disappeared, reappeared, disappeared again.


OK, I’ll tell you (as much as I know). Apparently having a high volume of sudden viewership pushed me to a state where I needed to review and edit some of my AdSense account settings… perhaps because I’m close to the point where my ad revenue may require me to start being tracked for taxes.

Taxes? What? Yes, that’s right. Ad Revenue is income, meaning it’s taxable. So I had to update some info for that. I don’t think they wanted ads showing up before I had that info in. I guess we’ll know for sure in a day or so if that’s the reason for the weird ad behaviors. Once that gets sorted out, hopefully, your visits will continue helping that.


So? I like vanilla! OK, honestly, I haven’t had a chance to put together the detailed template I intend to eventually put up on my site. I had a number of elements to work on and implement, and given the efforts involved and the limits to time recently, I haven’t had enough of an opportunity to work on that in depth.

So yes, I am planning something more intricate, but I’ve been trying to keep content coming first. After all, I can put the more detailed stuff on the design together over time, but winning and maintaining an audience is a bit higher a priority, and my graphics aren’t supposed to be the main selling point.


Well, obviously the content on the model trains and woodworking stuff is the highest priority, but aside from that I do intend to continue putting together my recipe collection and humor articles when the mood strikes.

Of course, I’m no Dave Barry, so I can’t promise the humor will be all that great, but what the heck, if you like it and visit, I’ll do more of it. Maybe it’ll improve over time. I have a few other thoughts for types of posts I may make, but I’m not ready to put those out just yet, so this’ll be it for the time being.

Hopefully that gives everyone some insight on what’s been happening here.