Despite not really doing anything personal, I have to say it was a reasonably successful week. The kids are all but done with school. My son is on his last exam, and my daughter has one of those days where you typically look at the clock every 3 minutes wondering why it’s barely changed even though you’re sure it’s been an hour.

For Kelly and me, it’s a matter of not needing to drive the kids in every morning anymore. They will start next year in the other part of the district and the need to drive the extra distance on the way to work to drop them off, and then pick them up at my parents will be largely eliminated.

And, for the record, thank you mom and dad for watching them this school year. We are very grateful for your help in that regard. But we’re sure you’ll be happy to get some measure of peace back though, and we’ll be glad to go straight home after work.

So maybe, conceivably, this week will finally allow for some time to get things done. No dance, no scouts, just a softball practice and Saturday game if the weather is reasonable. No more crazy schedule stuff. Maybe… possibly… a chance to actually do some of the projects that were put off for the past month or so.

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