Two weeks ago I started using my new reMarkable e-Ink tablet as a replacement to carrying around a lot of disorganized notes on yellow legal pads. Today, day 15, I can now say I am glad I invested in this tool. It still remains to be seen how this plays on in a real long-term sense (how will I feel after 3 months or 6 months), but my impression up to this point is that this tool is making my job easier, little-by-little.

As a person who has always struggled to keep notes and planning materials organized, this has already demonstrated a marked value in reducing some of the load of getting my work-life organized.

There are a few idiosyncrasies in using the reMarkable, and there are some features that I’d like to see added in over time, but even as it stands now, I find myself being able to take notes, sketch out plans and concepts and just plain doodle as I desire.

The $500 price tag on this unit is a bit high, but considering the fact that it is NOT being mass-produced on a level approaching the average Android smart phone or Amazon Kindle, it’s completely understandable that the price will be higher.

Still, between the battery life which I am finding excellent, the comfort of still feeling like I have paper, and the good fundamental structure for writing, organizing and saving my data, I am inclined to say that this could be a bonafide hit. I’ll post a few shots of my use so far.

Admittedly it may appear a bit slim after two weeks, but I’ve had only a handful of meetings with anything I could add, and some of it I have to blot out due to business security. Still, I think this should give you an idea of what you can do on this tablet, and as time goes on, I will address further the strengths and weaknesses.

I will admit that a few reviews out there had some understandable criticism of features, but it is nice to see that the folks who’ve made this tablet have been learning from the user input and releasing updates to address some of these issues. I think as time goes on, this will let them continue updating the tablet and producing a product that really does step us towards the “paperless” office model that was talked about for years.