It’s been a number of years since I first found and tried Calypso Lemonade. The first time I encountered it was at one of those gas-station / convenience store hybrids that dot the landscape of Buffalo nearly as much as the average Tim Horton’s donuts.

By my very nature, I prefer cool drinks to warm drinks. And of course, my biggest weakness has always been Dr. Pepper or any cherry cola. Growing up, in fact, I didn’t really enjoy lemonade. But as I hit my late teen years and then got into college, I did discover that lemonade was a taste I’d acquired along the way.

Today, I like my homemade blend, and I enjoy the sparkling lemonade that Wegman’s makes as part of it’s soft drink offerings, but a real special treat are the flavors of lemonade offered as part of the Calypso line. My ultimate favorite is either their strawberry or black cherry flavored varieties, but today, I discovered a new (for me) flavor, Island Wave Lemonade.

Non-Sponsored, Unsolicited Promotion Ahead

Calypso Lemonades have to be about the best drink offering of this nature I’ve ever had. There are at least a half-dozen flavors that I’ve tried and I have never had one that I didn’t enjoy. Of course, as with any of these drinks, you have to limit how much you have because they are, as expected, sugary drinks. So I don’t have these daily (mom, if you’re reading this, I’m not kidding, I only get these every so often, so don’t worry), but they make for a nice alternative of flavor every so often, and are a great reward on a hot day. Between these and some bottles of fresh water, I tend to feel the energy without the later sluggishness of having a regular soda.

So if you really want a neat and unique take on a good summer lemonade, but don’t want to make your own flavors, this is a great product to try. This isn’t a sponsored ad, but just an honest, simple point that I wanted to share. This stuff is fantastic!

Check for nearby retailers that sell the brand, and give one a try. If you’re a lemonade person, I guarantee you’ll find a flavor you love, just like I did.

Absolutely fantastic flavor!