Yep, another week, and sadly I can’t say I managed to do much. Frankly, it’s just been that hectic with the wrap-up of everything from the school year, and the weather has certainly been enough to keep me under the weather.

Still, I got to play with at least one recipe in the kitchen and it apparently turned out well, considering I made it twice with the same results, and it was tried by a few more people the second time with praise. You can find the recipe under Kitchen Activities #4.

The kids start finals this week, and all that’s left now is softball and music lessons, so finally we can get home at normal times. If the weather holds out, I can probably get the other table stands built and start working on projects again.

One other announcement in case you didn’t notice, the site is now being served with an HTTPS connection. I have an SSL certificate on here now, so everything should be that way going forward. Also, with the migration of everything to HTTPS, you may get prompted a second time to receive push notifications through the site.

If you do, know that the old push notifications entries are all gone, as they were set up prior to the SSL install. Make sure to accept notifications when the prompt comes up to get notices on special articles and updates.

I can’t promise what I’ll actually get posted this week, but I am going to aim for a recipe or some sort, so keep checking back regularly.