If you’ve ever been to Red Robin, you might have noticed one of their appetizers is a serving of fried pickle chips. Now, I’ll be honest that sometimes I think fried recipes can sound a bit bizarre. Fried Twinkies, Fried Oreos, Fried Cheese Curds… they sound a bit bizarre at times. Fried pickles were another example of a dish that made me think “that sounds weird”. But much like Fried Ice Cream which I first had at Chi-Chi’s some 30 years ago, Fried Pickle Chips turned out to be a bizarre, but ultimately very tasty dish.

So of course, with having an air fryer, I realized “hey, wait a minute, I wonder if”… and so the idea was born to search for a recipe that would work well. Pinterest to the rescue, and in 5 minutes I had over 2 dozen recipes that all sounded pretty good. Ultimately, I chose a recipe with just 5 ingredients and 10 – 15 minute of prep work to make a variation of this side dish… and much like the lemonade recipe, this was a complete win!

I’ll post the link below, but here are the ingredients you need:

Simply put, you mix the bread crumbs, cheese and herbs til evenly mixed. Crack and beat the eggs until you have a nice smooth mixture. Dip pickle chips into the egg wash and then coat in the crumbs mixture. Place these on the rack of your air fryer. I have the largest of the Philips models (thanks to mom and dad for that!) and set it to 400 degrees. Cook for 8 minutes if you like them a bit more chewy, and up to 10 minutes if you prefer a bit more crispiness.

That’s it. And this is what you get:

If this is making you hungry... well, you know how I felt...
If this is making you hungry… well, you know how I felt…

And here’s my link to the original recipe