I’m not sure if last week was worse, or if this week will be. But frankly, it hardly matters lately because the weeks do seem to blend together an awful lot. Still, it was a productive week for once. Yeah, I actually got a bit done, and there were some accomplishments along the way.

Shop Time

That’s right. I finally got moving on the work tables and miter saw stand this weekend. A few hours of good weather Sunday afternoon translated into me getting a little work done in the shop. Hey, you take the wins you can get. And no, this isn’t finished. I didn’t forget the top, as one person tried to point out to me. I have to go get the material for that this upcoming weekend. It’s tricky to pick up sheet goods when you don’t have a pickup truck, but at least I can get Home Depot or the lumber yard to cut the sheet I need in half, and THAT I can carry in my little Dodge Caliber. So if all goes well, next weekend I can get a second table built, break the necessary materials down and get them mounted on these tables, and then I can do the miter saw stand in the following week(s).

One accomplishment at a time, right?

Swing and a Hit… Repeatedly

Go Eli! I have to be honest, I wasn’t entirely certain how much I’d be able to say for my son’s softball season this year – because with the weather we’ve had until now, what the heck were we supposed to think. 5 weeks with almost no practices and 0 games… and finally that bad streak seems to be coming to an end, because Eli’s team managed to play 2 games on Saturday, while I was running around with Caidi for her stuff. According to my wife, Eli had hits every time he was at bat. That’s a big improvement for him and it’s good to hear he’s connecting regularly. What’s more, some of them sound like they were fairly solid hits.

His coach also said his throwing is coming a long way. So, Eli… nice job! Keep it up. I’m very proud of you.

Music to Our Ears

Finally, a big congratulations is due to our daughter, who, first time out, had a 27 / 28 on a NYSSMA audition with her friend Ivana. They performed a duet piece for Cello and Violin and did a masterful job. Pleased? No, that’s not remotely enough to convey how I feel for her accomplishment. Ecstatic? That’s a bit closer.


Of course, this upcoming week is another hectic one, so who knows how much we’ll really get done. Dance Recital, more softball, a scouting trip… and of course, none of this stuff would go smoothly if it weren’t for Kelly managing to keep everything in line, including me. Now we just need to get her some time to focus on artwork!

So all that said, here’s to a hectic week closed out, and another one coming up.