My most recent experiment definitely toes the line on not being the most healthy, but this isn’t an everyday sort of recipe for me, so I don’t feel bad having made it. The recipe: Apple Fritters.

I actually found this recipe as a result of the suggested links on YouTube. The recipe is different (according to it’s author, Chef John, from Food Wishes) in that it involves sauteing the apples first in a butter / sugar mix before actual inclusion into the rest of the batter. It definitely made for a nice flavor and I’d handle the recipe this way again. About the only thing I need to change in the future is the amount of apple and how finely I cut it out. I admit part of this might have been my misjudging the size of the apple chunks, but also I appear to have had bigger apples than what the author of the recipe used, because I ended up with a bit of leftover, which the kids and dogs graciously accepted in lieu of raw batter (which I know some people are scared of).

Nevertheless, the rest of the recipe was just terrific, so come fall, I may have to try this one again, along with the candy apple recipe I have.

An absolute hit

Included below is a link to the original recipe page.