So I figured it’d be a great idea (slight sarcasm) to post an update about where I am with various projects I have going. Sadly, a lot of things have been waylaid by a combination of work, health and weather issues, but such is life. So…

Workshop Project: Work Tables & Miter Saw Station

I have most of the materials for the table frames themselves, plus the casters. So if I can manage to squeeze an hour or two in during the next week, I should be able to have the work tables up. I’m hoping (desperately) to get the material for the table tops and the remaining 2 x 4 studs for the miter saw station this upcoming week. The 2 x 4s aren’t a problem to transport, but the tops are going to require me borrowing a friend’s truck, on a day when the local lumber yard is open late and the weather is convenient. That’ll hopefully be in the next week as well, but it happens when it happens.

Model Railroad Project: The Tables

This project is essentially on hold until I get those work tables and miter saw station done. On top of the fact that I am NOT going through the struggle of trying to do any more of this work on the floor from now on, I have to manage my budget reasonably, so it’ll probably be a couple more weeks. That and I am still debating the layout of the tables. I’ve been going back and forth on a few things, but it really all comes down to: do I do a layout with full walk-around space or something up against the wall. Given the space restrictions, the up-against-the-wall option is definitely a better option, but I’d love to have a full walk-around layout. I still have time to think this one over.

Kitchen Projects

You’d think this is an easy one, but it’s mostly time & energy lately that gets in the way of this. Probably in the next week I’ll make an older recipe of mine and document it here. Possibly do a home-made bread loaf again, too, if I can squeeze in enough time.


I actually have nothing planned for this right now, so there’s nothing new to see.


I’ve had so much in my mind lately that I haven’t had a chance to come up with new and funny material. Honestly, there was more stuff to use as a jumping-off point when I still had some social networking accounts, but by the same token, not having that has eliminated a major source of annoyance, anxiety and depression, so it seems a fair trade-off to me.

Google Ad-Sense Integration

Not really a project, but the honest-to-goodness truth is it counts for something on this site. Right now I am still working on building up enough content so Google will finally agree that my content is worthwhile enough for advertising. Hopefully when some more of this other stuff progresses, I’ll have better new on this front too.

At any rate, that’s everything lately – yeah, boring and not much to speak of at this point, but there my update on everything and anything…. such as it is.