Kitchen Activities #3 – Apple Fritters

My most recent experiment definitely toes the line on not being the most healthy, but this isn’t an everyday sort of recipe for me, so I don’t feel bad having made it. The recipe: Apple Fritters. I actually found this recipe as a result of the suggested links on YouTube. The recipe is different (according […]

Progress Report #1

So I figured it’d be a great idea (slight sarcasm) to post an update about where I am with various projects I have going. Sadly, a lot of things have been waylaid by a combination of work, health and weather issues, but such is life. So… Workshop Project: Work Tables & Miter Saw Station I […]

Kitchen Activities #2 – Simple Homemade Lemonade

After last week’s success with the freckled lemonade, I decided to play with the recipe a bit to get a plain lemonade that does NOT require you to actually juice lemons. The upshot to this is that the recipe can be made in as little as 10 minutes. The problem with that other recipe (problem […]

Dose of Humor #1 – Getting Wood for Greg

I am considering a new segment where I encourage you, my viewers, to aid in my articles on woodworking. The biggest struggle for me as an amateur woodworker is obtaining material to work on. Let’s be honest, lumber isn’t cheap these days, and aside from not having a pickup truck, the actual cost of material […]

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Much as it’ll be a while before I’m at this stage of the process, I’ve had a few thoughts of where I can integrate some of my knowledge of electronics into my future railroad layout. Obviously with the large assortment of kits, tools and whatnot available from commercial sources, there’s already so much you can […]

Farewell to Social Media

So at the end of the day tomorrow I will be shutting down and deleting my final Social Networking / Social Media account – Facebook… which I’ve had since at least 2006. It was a decision that took a bit of time to work through; at a few points in the past, I’d strongly considered […]

Fully modular design

One of my realizations over the past few weeks is that a truly modular layout design would likely be the best thing I could do for my own sanity. If we should ever buy a home and move, I really don’t want any of my invested resources to go to waste, so I redeveloped the […]

Kitchen Activities #1 – Freckled Lemonade

Technically not my first successful experiment in cooking / baking / etc… not by a long shot… but this is the first one I’m documenting on here. I don’t have a bunch of pictures or anything, but hopefully this will serve as a decent springboard of content. So I have a major addiction to freckled […]

An Old Version of the Layout

This was the previous version of my layout (I say previous with the understanding that I haven’t actually put up the new one just yet). The only problem I had besides a lack of space to expand was the fact that the only space at the time was in the dining room, and the floor […]

Upcoming Project

Plans are done for two work tables and a miter saw stand. After trying to work on my initial plans for train tables, I realized just how much harder it was to work on this stuff on the floor. So I’ve got some simple plans to make a few work tables and the miter saw […]

Not Forgotten, Just Busy

As of today I am officially back on a WordPress install. Much as I’m not always 100% a fan of WordPress, I have to be honest that it really is the most reliable software for simple content management… or whatever the term is for it these days. At any rate, I have mostly completed the […]