This is my personal site. I’m using this for personal projects that are not (generally) commercial or professional in nature. Among the topics I’ll be covering on here is my model railroading content, woodworking, baking and occasional personal essays I write on various topics.

Some of this content is defeinitely not meant for everyone. I’m not saying I’m going to be posting anything that’s intended to be offensive, but one of the things I haven’t really had for years is a place where I can post my opinion or thoughts on topics freely. I’ve decided that this will become a place for that once again.

With that in mind, a lot of the time the topic will be more or less harmless stuff on the hobby stuff. Again, model railroading, woodworking and baking. The personal essays will be denoted as such and once I have some system of management in place, I’ll provide a way for people to filter those topics out.

In the meantime, I’ll start off with something light-hearted… we all could use something that doesn’t carry negativity (I sure as heck need something inspiring) so here it is.

I’ve decoded to begin building a new train layout for my N Scale collection. Much of what I have has been collected over the last 15 years, although there are still a few pieces left over from my father’s original forray into the 1/160th scale models. These days he does more with G Scale since it’s easier on his hands and less eye strain, but since I haven’t concerns of that nature yet, I’m going with what I have space for… I definitely don’t have space for G scale. I should also note that I am moderately involved in a live-steam club, though for the moment that has to be on the back burner due to time and financial constraints.

So in the interest of having my hobby without a strain on the necessities for my family, I’m putting this together. As of now I have a rudimentary plan for an L shaped layout. The plan is to build two 3 x 8 sections that will be used for holding the layout. Track will be Kato Unitrack, which is a bit pricey, but after all this time, I have to say is worth it. Power will be provided by an older Digitrax system, which I will expand / upgrade as necessary with a wireless received and