Moving Platforms

Due to limitations in free time, I am working on migrating the current site content to a WordPress install on the site. This may take me a day or two, so expect content to be a bit light, at least temporarily. Once complete I will resume regular posts. In the meantime, my first table didn’t […]

Revised Plan Outcome

So after the neccessary consideration, here is my modified plan. It delays things by only a couple of days since I have to get a few more pieces of lumber and 8 more of my leg level T-nut and bolt assembles, and the necessary washers, nuts and bolts to join tables, but the biggest change […]

A Smart Alteration

So as I was falling asleep last night, it occurred to me that even though my tables won’t be a full 4 foot across, at 8 foot long they might be a bit hard to get in / out of the basement. so in the interest of saving myself a bit of frustration, I’ve modified […]

Well, So Much For That

That sure did suck. Due to a rough (very rough) night of sleep, I just didn’t have the energy today for doing much of anything. I only finally got the lumber into the basement now. So I guess that construction will be delayed by a few days. That’s OK, though. It’s not a big setback […]

Construction Begins Tomorrow

Well, I picked up all of the framing lumber and hardware today. The original plan to put casters on the bottoms of the legs was dropped in favor of using T-Nuts with 2 ½ inch bolts. I realized the floor here isn’t level enough for casters, and while it might not matter in a larger […]

Cut Sheet Image

For the record, this is the cut sheet for the train tables. Not shown in the pictures from the prior post or here are the casters I intend to mount the legs on. I’ll be using peg castors that I will drill out mount holes for, probably.

Personal Site Restart

This is my personal site. I’m using this for personal projects that are not (generally) commercial or professional in nature. Among the topics I’ll be covering on here is my model railroading content, woodworking, baking and occasional personal essays I write on various topics. Some of this content is defeinitely not meant for everyone. I’m […]